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    My List for Top Blogs for 2014

    Top Business Lifestyle Blog: Startuplivingchina.com

    startup living china

    StartupLivingChina.com a blog about living and lauching a startup company in China

    Site: startuplivingchina.com 

    Sub-Niche: Business in China Blogs

    Rating: 8/10

    Have you ever dreamed of living abroad in an exotic location or starting your own business in a  lucrative and fast growing market?? How about doing both at the same time?  

    Steven Phuong and Nathan Cheng of StartupLivingChina.com are doing exactly that, in China. The Canadian-Australian duo are young upstarts taking the daring leap of moving to Guangzhou, China to establish a business with international influence.

    But why China?

    According to their blog, China contains the fastest growing consumer market in the world. With a population of over 1.3 billion and a rapidly growing middle class, China is the place to do business.

    Nathan and Steven write several posts a week talking about everything from:

    • Avoiding bank fees in China
    • Jobs in China for Americans
    • How to get your visa for China
    • How to Learn Chinese the Easy way
    • and More!

    I particularly like their post on finding the best VPN for China, which you can read here: http://startuplivingchina.com/best-vpn-for-china/. This is an example of a great post that helps readers bypass the Great Firewall of China (the government imposed internet censorship). It shows great indepth research and discusses everything from:

    • VPN security features (such as encryption strength)
    • Different VPN clients
    • Bandwidth issues
    • Compatibility
    • Server Nodes

    All laid out in an awesome, clean, and informative table. Good stuff guys!

    What do I like about the blog:

    • The design is certainly outstanding. There are many expat blogs out there on China, but StartupLivingChina is certainly one of the best looking.
    • Useful information
    • Detailed, high-quality,  content writing.

    I tend to gravitate towards blogs that deliver solid content. There’s certainly a surplus of low quality blogs that slap together a slew of posts with low quality 300 word articles attached to the first image that shows up on google image search.

    Top China Blogs



    Echinacities.com is a blog / community site for English speakers living in China

    Site: echinacities.com

    Niche: Living in China

    Echinacities is a huge blog / site that contains a slew of information about living in China. It often contains interesting and relevant news stories that expats will definitely find useful.

    There is a pretty decent jobs section, which you can make use of if you are looking for employment in China, though most of the listings seem to gravitate towards teaching English.

    The blog is split up into various different sub-regions, so if you are looking for places to dine in Beijing, or places to get your haircut in Shanghai, its all laid out for you in neat little regional sections. One thing you should definitely check out on Echinacities.com is the cityguide section. This section has great to-the-point information that you need to know when visiting of living in a certain city in China.

    Echinacities also offer different tips on living in China, with information on internet speeds in China, and different ways to get an apartment in cities such as Guangzhou, or Nanjing.

    Best Self Defense Blogs

    Site: www.selfdefenseninja.com

    Sub-Niche: Self defense weapons, pepper spray use, stun guns, etc

    Rating: 8/10

    Selfdefenseninja.com is a great blog that helps people choose the best self defense weapons for personal protection and safety. I honestly never really thought about self defense in my life until I had a bad encounter with a drunk when I was walking home at night. After that harrowing incident, I decided it was high time that I started to protect myself in some sort of way.

    Now, I am sort of left-leaning and too squeamish about carrying a gun with me. What if I accidentally kill an innocent person? I prefer to stick with non-lethal self defense options such as pepper sprays or stun guns.

    But what is the best self defense weapon?

    There are many different types and brands of personal defense weapons on the market today. In my search for the right product for my safety needs, I stumbled across a great blog: Selfdefenseninja.com which has awesome reviews on all different types of self defense weapons. I particularly like the post that compares a bunch of different pepper spray, which you can find over here: http://www.selfdefenseninja.com/what-is-the-best-pepper-spray/

    I always wanted to know how pepper spray works, how legal it is in various states and what types of sprays exist in the market. I learned so much from this blog. For instance, did you know there is such thing as pepper spray gel???? Or pepper spray guns? These are all really cool self defense products that I had no idea existed before reading this blog.

    You should definitely check out this blog. Some other great self defense weapon blogs include: