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Blogging has changed my life and the way I think about our hyper-connected beautiful world. Here, I distill my thoughts and my current blog projects.


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My Personal Journey

I started my first blog nearly 5 years ago and I have never looked back since. In the humble beginnings of my small blog came forth a new way of expression, social connection, and ultimately a way of life.

Now I consider myself a professional blogger. I make a full-time income from writing and connecting with others about various different topics across many different blogs. Each blog has a unique community and a unique voice. A blog is a stage — a platform for symposia.

But blogging is more than about writing. Blogging is about forming a community. Blogging is about making connections. Blogging is about growth and self-improvement and passion.

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My Top Blogs — Various Past Projects

Below is a brief portfolio of some of my ongoing blog projects. Each one shows an evolution of my philosophy for writing, organization and blog design. I have included a Vonnegut-styled “self-assigned rating” which is merely a reflection upon my own work compared against my crappier past projects. This is the upper crust.

Top Business Lifestyle Blog: Startuplivingchina.com

startup living china

StartupLivingChina.com a blog about living and lauching a startup company in China

Site: startuplivingchina.com 

Sub-Niche: Business in China Blogs

Self-Rating: 8/10

Have you ever dreamed of living abroad in an exotic location or starting your own business in a lucrative and fast growing market?? How about doing both at the same time?  

The authors / founders of StartupLivingChina.com are doing exactly that, in China. The Canadian-Australian duo are young upstarts taking the daring leap of moving to Guangzhou, China to establish a business with international influence.

But why China?

According to the blog, China contains the fastest growing consumer market in the world. With a population of over 1.3 billion and a rapidly growing middle class, China is the place to do business.

Nathan and Steven write several posts a week talking about everything from:

This blog had quite modest readership until writing a mega in-depth article — the best VPN for China: Top 5 VPN Reviews . This is an example of a great post that helps readers bypass the Great Firewall of China (the government imposed internet censorship). It shows great indepth research and discusses everything from:

All laid out in an awesome, clean, and informative table. The article helps people choose a China VPN so they can access Facebook and Youtube and Gmail, which are unfortunately blocked in China. Some of the VPNs they review include:

With the help of startuplivingchina.com many readers are able to choose a great VPN for travels / living in China.

Pro-tip: Use Astrill for VPNing in China

What do I like about the blog:

I tend to gravitate towards blogs that deliver solid content. There’s certainly a surplus of low quality blogs that slap together a slew of posts with low quality 300 word articles attached to the first image that shows up on google image search.

Best Self Defense Blogs


Site: www.selfdefenseninja.com

Sub-Niche: Self defense weapons, pepper spray use, stun guns, etc

Rating: 8/10

Selfdefenseninja.com is a great blog that helps people choose the best self defense weapons for personal protection and safety. I honestly never really thought about self defense in my life until I had a bad encounter with a drunk when I was walking home at night. After that harrowing incident, I decided it was high time that I started to protect myself in some sort of way.

Now, I am sort of left-leaning and too squeamish about carrying a gun with me. What if I accidentally kill an innocent person? I prefer to stick with non-lethal self defense options such as pepper sprays or stun guns.

But what is the best self defense weapon?

There are many different types and brands of personal defense weapons on the market today. In my search for the right product for my safety needs, I stumbled across a great blog idea: Selfdefenseninja.com which has awesome reviews on all different types of self defense weapons. I particularly like the post that compares a bunch of different pepper spray, which you

Sabre Red Pepper spray is a solid choice for self defense. Super cheap too on Amazon.

can find over here: What is the best pepper spray in 2015?

I always wanted to know how pepper spray works, how legal it is in various states and what types of sprays exist in the market. I learned so much from this blog. For instance, did you know there is such thing as pepper spray gel???? Or pepper spray guns? These are all really cool self defense products that I had no idea existed before reading this blog.

The blog also covers more than just pepper spray. Stun guns are also a great option for self defense when pepper spray is not effective (bad weather, up close encounters). Electroshock weapons are legal and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and forms. You can even get one built into a high powered flashlight or a iphone replica! With all these different products on the market it can be hard to choose which one is best but you can read all about the different stun gun products over here: What’s the best stun gun in 2015? top 3 stun gun reviews

You should definitely check out this blog. Some other great self defense weapon blogs include:




Best Bodybuilding Blogs

A bodybuilding blog

Site: bodybuilderscience.com

Sub-niche: bodybuilding, strength training, supplements

Rating: 8/10

I’ve recently got interested in bulking up and getting some more muscle on my pathetically gaunt figure. Summer is coming and it is time to get RIPPED!

The first thing I looked for in my quest to Arnold-dom was some decent blogs on bodybuilding. After reading a bunch of meat-head blogs, I realized there was no way I could know whether any of the supplements or training methods actually worked. Often it felt like just a bunch of opinionated testosterone-fuelled ranting, which many refer to as “BROSCIENCE”.

But then I stumbled upon bodybuilderscience.com — a blog that backs up its claims with peer-reviewed sports science journals.

I particularly liked the best pre workout supplement top 5 review, which reviews all the leading supplements that you can use to get the most out of your training. There are helpful tips on how to use things like beta-alanine, BCAAs, and tyrosine to be able to push out a new personal record in the gym.

I am also looking to gain some weight, so I found the article on how to choose the how to choose the best mass gainer particularly helpful. Mass gainers are supplements that contain a blend of whey protein and carbs to conveniently add a bunch of calories to your daily diet. Being so skinny, this caloric surplus is crucial to my muscle building success.

I really encourage you to check out this blog if you are into fitness! It has science to back up the research, so you can maximize your transformation into a ripped beast.

Some other blogs on bodybuilding that I found helpful were:




Start Blogging

This is what I tell all my friends and family. There is something cathartic about sharing your own experiences or knowledge with everyone on the internet.

Everyone is an expert in something. By expert, I don’t mean some mega-nerd laden with scientific accolades and award winning books. An expert just needs to know more about a subject than the average joe. If you can share something new then you can write about it.

Easy steps to starting your first blog:

  1. Go to bluehost.com
  2. Sign up for an unlimited hosting package ~ 5$ / month. You also get a free domain name.
  3. Install WordPress on your site using the bluehost control panel.
  4. Buy a quality theme: Themeforest.net
  5. Login to your WordPress site: mydomain.com/wp-admin/
  6. Install your purchased theme
  7. Profit

What to write about

There are a myriad of topics to write about. However, I would caution you against getting into topics that a) are over saturated or b) you are not interested in.

Ideally you want to write about something that you are passionate about, and has a fair number of people willing to read your content. Niches that are typically very competitive are:

These are topics that many people write about and it can be hard to gain traction at the beginning of your blogging conquest.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams…. DO IT

You can do it! Blogging is low cost. All you need is passion and perseverance. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Do it today!



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