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A Successful Blog – Why Create One and How



Despite the popularity of blogs, some are still clueless about it or how to go about creating one. If you have ever wondered how to start a blog or how to make it successful, your search ends here!

To begin, a blog is similar to a personal journal that can serve as an inspiration to others who get to read what you share. As you go about it, it can widen your perspective and enhance how you think.

And it’s free! However, while there could be a thousand and one reasons why you should blog, there are also some instances where blogging may not be the right path to undertake.

First, if your aim is solely about money, forget it. Passion has got a lot to do about making a successful blog.

Second, if you think that by blogging you could become instantly famous, it is time to read the fine print. It says “it may take some time to build a reputation”. You have to have patience and be ready to render a lot of hard work. The great number of readers and steady followers (a.k.a. good traffic) that makes a successful blog may take time to build.

That being said if you still strongly feel that blogging is for you, here is your guide about creating one that spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S!


Your blog’s design is an essential part of its success and it’s easier to conceptualize a design with a theme consisting of 2 main parts: the framework and the child theme.

The framework (such as Genesis / WordPress / Bootstrap) serves as your blog site’s foundations. The design is taken care of by the child theme which provides the visuals to make it appealing. In essence, the framework is the site bones.

Domain & Hosting

Your domain has to be registered through a reliable host. Typically they take care of setting up WordPress for you and would offer assistance when and where needed. Bluehost offers basic hosting starts at $3.49/month. Discounts and free domain name are also regularly offered.


Each of your site pages should present content that is informative and useful to the readers at all times. Let your pages tell the people who you are and what your blog is about with features they can identify you with such as logos and photos. Lastly, make sure to offer something new often by making sure you post fresh, important and significant blog posts on a regular basis.

Monitoring and Continued Development

It is recommended that you keep track of your online performance by monitoring your stats through Google Analytics. Always strive for improvement too by continuously developing your site. Make it easy for people to follow you via RSS subscriptions or email. Feedburner, for instance, can help you set up an account so your readers could subscribe for free.


Plugins are your easiest ways of sharing and connecting with people who are also “sharers”. Utilize this properly and maximize its benefits.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter and other social network sites are there for a good reason and that is to become channels for more connections. Your blog can benefit from using this very popular platform.

Being passionate about something is what makes it seem less of a job. Your love for blogging could eventually lead not only to recognition but also as a regular income. Then you can consider it as a blessing and to keep it that way, here are a few recommendations:


  1. Find your place. Having a niche is not a requirement but it is important. It helps readers identify with you and what you are really passionate about. Don’t write about just anything under the sun because that could confuse your readers. A niche is a way to show that what you write about is something you are very familiar with whether that’s about cooking, relationships, parenting or physical fitness.


  1. Identify with your readers. If you are writing about physical fitness, needless to say, your followers will likely be fitness enthusiasts. You are thus expected to look fit. Imagine how they would feel if you show a photo of you showing unwanted pounds distributed in the wrong places of your body.


  1. Have originality, be interesting and include value. The Internet is a vast world and you are likely to find a lot of bloggers. How do you stand out? Write about something that really interests people but be original in your contents. Make sure to add value where your readers are sure to pick something useful. This will help keep them coming back. That is how you build regular traffic and gain new ones.


  1. Be yourself and be sincere. People are often interested in other people. That is why they love reading about celebrities! Tell your story in an honest, interesting way. Once they are able to identify themselves with you and how similar their story is, they’d pay attention because your voice becomes theirs. Still, it is advisable to hold back where necessary because being honest is different from being too transparent. Ask yourself if what you have to say will be valuable to what you are writing or is it better left unsaid.


  1. Support your work with research. It pays to be sure even if what you write is something you already know by heart. Spend some time researching so that you can substantiate whatever it is that you say. Credibility is a vital key to success.


  1. K.I.S.S. Keep it significantly simple. Remember you are sharing a part of you or your experience thus you want your readers to easily relate. Highbrow language tends to put readers off. Use a conversational tone instead and avoid sounding critical.

Get Started Now!

Blogging could take hours but if you want to make a difference, you’ll make time for it. Over time, you develop your own voice and you fall into the habit. That is when it starts to work in your favor. However, keep in mind that you can’t always please everybody and sometimes negative reactions happen. You can either ignore them or treat them objectively so that you stay focused on your goal and that is to contribute something helpful through your writing.





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