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June 2015
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How much money can you make blogging?

Blogging can be a lucrative career, but how much money can you make? What are the chances you can make it? Hint: It's higher than you think!

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Money, Money, Money

When I first started blogging, I had no intentions of making any money. It was merely an outlet for my thoughts. Fast forward a couple years, around 2008 when “blogging” suddenly appeared on the public sphere of discourse.

Big names started to make the news. People like Darren Rowse or Tim Ferris, or J. Money — all people who were making small to large fortunes off of writing on blogs.

However, actual numbers on profit or earnings from blogging were usually shrouded in secret. It’s not usually very polite to talk about your income. But blogging was a new “career” and there was very little data to even make estimates on.

It wasn’t until I saw Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income, that I truly saw the potential of blogging. Pat made a blog about trying to make money on the internet after he was laid off working as an architect. He made one seminal post on a now completely archaic backlinking strategy and his blog blew up. His blog on making money on the internet garnered a huge audience due to his one gimmick:

Pat Flynn actually posted his monthly income, every month, with full breakdowns from each source

This was pretty ballsy. Initially he was making mid 4 figures USD / month. But as his blog grew he started to get a lot more income. Funnily enough most of his money comes from blogging, and not his niche websites that he created. It just goes to show how lucrative blogs about finance or business can be. Remember it was the people who sold the shovels who made the killing in the gold rush!

I believe if you head over to Pat’s website you can see that he makes a solid mid 5-figures USD per month. Which is incredible considering most of it is passive. Compare that to an average household income of about $48,000 and you will start to wonder if it is possible that even YOU can make that kind of money.

Can you make money on blogging

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is yes, but probably not much.

You see it is really only the superstars of the blogging word that will see 6 figure annual incomes. Most people will never see those numbers.

But that’s okay! Even if you can make a decent 1000$ / month from blogging (totally doable!) that will be amazing. That kind of money can pay off a car payment or even your rent. How would you like for a website to pay for your car or rent??

Many of my blogging friends who write even on smallish no-name blogs can attract a decent sized following due to the way we can scale our reach in the internet age. They also pull in maybe a couple thousand dollars / month.

Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You would be surprise how much traffic well-written and engaging content can gather.


In closing, don’t let the superstars in blogging get your hopes up too high or discourage you from entering the blogging world. There is more than enough traffic for everyone.

Find something you are passionate about writing and go and start writing NOW! There is money in the internet. All you need to do is reach out and grasp it!


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