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January 2014
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Top 3 Tech blogs for 2014

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Keeping up with the Tech world

Technology is rapidly evolving. I always tell this to my friends and my students. Can you even imagine what the internet was like 15 years ago? Before streaming was commonplace? The internet was an ugly slow place back then. We didn’t even really have Google or Facebook.

How things have changed.

But unfortunately some people are just unable to keep pace with these changes. Baby boomers (i.e your parents) for the most part are completely technologically illiterate. They are always constantly asking you how to do stuff on their computer or smartphones.

But who taught you how to do these things? How kept you in the loop about 4G bands, Bluetooth, apps and all that?

For some reason our generation is able to absorb all this new tech info and all these trends through some sort of blog osmosis.

Be it Reddit, facebook sharing posts or youtube – we all just seem to be able to naturally be aware of the technology that is changing all around us.

I for one am terrified of becoming a technological dinosaur. So to fight this fear I purposely try to get as much tech news as I can during the week. Here are some blogs I follow:

Hacker News

This is the Reddit-style posting site spawned from the startup incubator Y-combinator (which incidentally was the incubator of Reddit). This blog is for more of the programmer/geeks/tech startup crowd and may be beyond the typical tech consumer audience. But I find their posts refreshing and always intriguing


Reddit is amazing. It is the king of all community blogs, having all sorts of subreddits to suit your niche interests. Posts are rated based on a democratic upvote/downvote system that ensures that popular posts get tons of exposure to the right audiences. /r/technology and /r/science are some of my favorite subreddits.




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