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February 2008
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Entrecard and other ads above the fold

Above the fold ads are easily the most visible and useful tool in a blogger's marketing arsenal. Find out how to use them effectively in this article.

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Above the Fold: Why it is important

The “fold” is internet marketing jargon for the cutoff line on a website, below which you need to scroll to see the rest of the content. Or in other words: it is the content that fills the screen when the site first loads.

Why is this important?

Well for one, any content above the fold is what a reader will initially read first. In order to reduce bounce rates you want the content above the fold to be as enticing as possible so that the reader will continue reading. High bounce rates due to slow loading or ugly outdated web design will drag down your rankings and readership.

That’s why I like using very visual and short text for all my above the fold content. For instance, this theme uses a wide semi-opaque image as a post cover, with some subtitle text which clearly states a summary of the content. This is both

Ads above the fold: prime marketing real estate

The website content above the fold is also extremely important for web marketing and ads placement for blogs like mine. Most people are ad-blind and click through rates are usually never very high for an average audience. In order to get more attention to the ads (and therefore more clicks and more ad revenue) you can try placing your ads above the fold. This way the reader will see the ad as the first thing when the content loads in their browser.

Most marketers find that above the fold ads outperform below the fold ads by a large margin, sometimes by even 200% So if you are planning on using any form of advertising (being Adsense or Quinstreet, Mediaplay) then you should definitely consider putting them above the fold.

There are some drawbacks to putting ads above the fold. If the ads are not super relevant to your content, or very distracting then it can diminish the vibe and the professionality of your  site.

Above the fold ads — international internet marketing — China’s booming internet market

Do above the fold ads work in all markets? What about places like China, where there are an estimated 700 million internet users?

Chinese internet marketing is similar to that of the West, however there are some distinct differences.

There’s no point in using Google for ads in China as everyone there uses Baidu. Foreigners in China can still use Google, but they will need to use a China VPN to bypass the Great Firewall. Some of our recommendations are:

Our friends over at startuplivingchina.com have also made a good review list of the best VPNs for China. We highly recommend you check them out if you are planning to go to China or undertake any China internet marketing adventures.

Mobile is also a bigger player in China due to the fact that most people cannot afford both a desktop computer and a smartphone. They usually just opt to buy a smartphone.

Mobile ads are completely different as the screen real estate is even smaller, which means above the fold content is small too. Therefore placing ads above the fold on a mobile version of a website can be tricky.

In China, internet marketers are particularly unscrupulous. Ads can take up a much larger percentage of web real estate. This means the above the fold boost is not as important.

Entrecards – Blog ads

Entrecards is a network that bloggers can use to place ads above the fold. I have used them in the past and have mixed results. Usually you need to try it yourself to see if it is right for you!


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